Craving for Good Food – Visit Green Mill

Nowadays, you would find fast food joints emerging like anything in almost every part of the world. They prove to be highly tempting for this new generation, and most of them get them into the habit of snacking regularly on these junk food items like pizzas, burgers, fries, and sodas. Studies say in recent years; the Americans have suddenly inclined a lot towards fast-casual food. Many such fast food joints are sprouting up, one of which is the Green Mill Restaurant & Bar.

About Green Mill

This Restaurant & Bar St. Paul has been in operation over the last forty years since 1935. It’s one of the oldest licensed pubs in the St. Paul area. If you take a look at its history, you will find that the owner of the restaurant went crazy about the deep-dish pizza when he visited Chicago and immediately added it to their menu. Ever since then, the pizza lovers started visiting the Green Mill to check out the authentic slice of that pizza. Though it might have started with the deep-dish pizza, they slowly improvised their menu and included a lot more items like sandwiches, pasta, burgers, hand-crafted cocktails and a lot more.

Their motto is to serve their guests quality food and offer genuine service so that they would keep visiting their outlets. Their chefs handpick each ingredient from the local market so they can deliver outstanding, handcrafted innovative dishes to their guests. The ingredients used also have a high nutritional value which makes them different from the ones available in the other outlets. Each of their restaurants includes beautiful bars along with dining areas that offers a relaxed environment where you can spend some intimate moments with your loved ones, or relax after work with your colleagues or even bring in your family to spend some good time.

It features

Some of the exclusive features this Restaurant & Bar St. Paul offers are:

  • The Bar – This is the perfect place where you can chill out with friends. The restaurant features a full bar that includes a selection of wines, beers, margaritas, classic cocktails, martinis, and spirits. You can visit their website to check out the location and learn more about their special drinks, happy hours, and more.
  • Delivery and Takeout – There are days when you don’t feel like having regular home food. Never mind, the delivery and takeout service of Green Mill is here to serve you with some delectable dishes like a traditional pizza, a juicy burger or a fresh Green Mill salad straight to your dining table. All you have to do is visit their website and check out their exciting range of menu and place the order.
  • Catering service – At Green Mill, they also offer a catering service to help you organize any event successfully, be it a wedding, a birthday bash or any normal get together. Please take a look at their banquet menu and customize it to fit your event. Their award-winning handcrafted dishes along with a variety of dishes will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Getting Your Restaurant in Tip-top Shape

Having a business to call your own especially one in the food industry is no easy feat. You need to make sure that everything is in place and nothing should go wrong even after numerous years. Aside from looking for the optimum spot to set-up your restaurant, making sure that you have top-notch equipment is very important. Below we have listed the top things to look for where you will get your restaurant equipment supply.


When a business has been around for several years, it only means that they have loyal clients and that they are giving quality service. This is the reason why brands and stores who have been around for several years are a go-to for a lot of people. Of course, the number of years cannot ultimately tell you the quality of the items, but it can give you a hint that people are patronizing it.


Equipment is often pricey so getting ones which are of great quality and would not need replacement after a couple of months are the must. The best way to make sure that you are getting quality products is by buying from a trusted brand a trusted supplier. When the quality of your item is low, you will just end up spending more money and becoming inconvenienced by constant purchases. This is why you should only buy from a trusted restaurant equipment supply seller.

Variety and Convenience

Having choices is something we all value in this day and age. We often cannot buy something unless we are sure that it is the best. The same goes when shopping for your restaurant needs. You should opt to go to one-stop-shop where you can buy all of the items you need without going to other shops. It is also a huge plus if it is online so it would not add to your long to-do list. Aside from the variety of new products you should also look at pre-owned options to cut costs.


It has repeatedly been mentioned how expensive these equipment are so you should go to a store which offers quality items at an affordable price. Whether it is your first restaurant or remodelling it all adds up so if you can save on any item you should try to do so. Remember that prices do not always signify quality. Sometimes the cheaper ones are the most durable. You can also look into buying second-hand items when possible.

Global Restaurant Equipment

Global Restaurant Equipment delivers on all the qualities mentioned and more. They have been around since 1997, so they have garnered valuable experience in the field. This also signifies that they have return customers and new ones who keep the business going. All the products they sell are of great quality and yet they sell them at an affordable price. Aside from physical products, they also offer services for new and old restaurant owners such as visiting the site to advise which equipment best fits your business type and location.


Common Problems in Commercial Dishwashers

The dishwasher is a very common appliance used in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Due to the sheer amount of plates, dishes, and other crockery items that need to be cleaned regularly, many restaurants and hotels used dishwashers. Otherwise, the cleaning work alone would require these business concerns to hire additional employees. Instead of doing this, a simple dishwasher is a much better choice. Not only does it help you save a great deal of money, but washing the dishes is also much quicker. However, like any other appliance, dishwashers also need to be regularly maintained and serviced. Here are a few common problems that you might experience in commercial dishwashers.

Dishes Not Drying Properly

One of the most common problems in commercial dishwashers is when the dishes do not dry properly. Obviously, doing this by hand takes up a lot of time; you will need dry towels on hand and must assign an employee to take the dishes out and dry them one by one. Most dishwashers have a self-drying option that immediately dries the dishes once they are washed. If your dishwasher is not drying the dishes properly, it’s probably because the rinse aid isn’t being used properly. All dishwashers use a liquid based rinsing aid, so it’s important that you get the dispenser checked and make sure that the rinse aid is being released properly in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain

This is a much bigger problem and can be caused attributed to a variety of factors. The first thing that you should do is check if you have just installed a new disposal, and whether the drain plug was removed or not. If it still doesn’t drain properly, there might be an issue with the dishwasher. Call a company that offers commercial dishwasher repairs in Perth and get your dishwasher professionally checked to find the source of the problem.

Dishwasher Leaves Spots

If you can notice spots or stains on the glassware, check the quality of the water first. Hard water commonly leaves spots on dishware. Otherwise, the issue lies within the dishwasher, and it will need to be properly inspected. Avoid tampering with the dishwasher on your own; always call a professional company to check your dishwasher in order to make sure that the internal components are working fine.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Start

This is a common problem and likely has to do with the electrical control unit. If the dishwasher doesn’t start, it’s probably because there’s an interruption in the electrical supply. Get the dishwasher’s ECU checked; it might be an issue with the wiring, or certain electrical components may not be working properly. These are a few common issues that you might experience in a commercial dishwasher.


American Social Tampa: A Perfect Place for Sports Fan in South Florida

Looking for a great place to unwind and have fun? After the high stress and tired work week, everyone is deserved to enjoy. You can mingle with friends, find new acquaintances and explore other places. You can try new restaurants and check new sumptuous mouthwatering dishes in town. You can also check new bars, amusement bars and enjoy the whole place. In South Florida, they proudly present the American Social Bar & Kitchen. It is a place where you can enjoy the different type of comfort foods, and it has a sports bar where Tampa sports fans can enjoy.

Aside from delicious food and breathtaking view of the place, the place is good for sports viewing. It offers a bar where you can avail craft beers, wine, liquor and other comfort food. You can enjoy watching your favorite sports celebrities while eating your favorite snacks and drinks. There are five things what a Sports Fan should experience while inside the amenity:

  • There is a big event celebrated in American Social bar; it is the Tampa Outdoor Expo and Boat show. It is a show where the most prominent sports celebrities are gathered to enjoy some activities. There are also sellers and exciting events at the show. In addition to that, you can also have tours on their expensive boats and have the chance to meet celebrities.
  • The Tampa has a hockey team named “Lightning.” They are playing at Amalie Arena. With the help of the Megatron and a magnificent sound system, you can enjoy a high-end experience in viewing each “Lightning” hockey team game.
  • At George M Steinbrenner Field, where the baseball team resides. Aside from games, you can also check the fabulous, fantastic baseball museum. At the museum, you can witness memorabilia from New York’s famous baseball teams who visit Tampa each spring time every year. Aside from pieces of memories, you can also check some history aids of baseball sports.
  • You can visit the American Social Tampa; it is a unique and relaxing place where you can see plenty of big screen TVs and ample space for outdoor eating activity. While eating your favorite comfort food, you can watch your favorite sports. It is a perfect place to celebrate and unwind with friends. You can enjoy great food and drinks while at the bar.
  • You can visit the Raymond James Stadium, know. It has organized two big world championship games. Aside from that, it is only the stadium which has ship cannons where it is used when each home team scores.


The information mentioned above are just some of the great pointers on why you should consider American Social Tampa. The place is not only for sports lover but everyone as well. It has the large and high-end type of entertainment, adding the best comfort food and great drinks. For Tampa sports fan, you can experience watching your favorite team on a big screen while having a beer. You will surely enjoy every minute staying at American Social Tampa, one of the great spot to unwind at South Florida.


Why do you need to Hire the Best Chocolate Manufacturing Company?

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you prefer consuming chocolate anytime? You should definitely look for the best chocolate manufacturer to cater to your quality chocolate needs. Among the several companies that you may come across online, you should be searching for the company that would cater to your specific needs in the best manner possible. The company should provide you with the best quality chocolate for affordable price. When it comes to searching for the right company, you may often wonder why you need the best chocolate manufacturing company.

Need for the best chocolate manufacturing company

Why do you need the best chocolate manufacturing company? The question may sound peculiar. However, it would be in your best interest to have the right company that caters to your quality chocolate needs in the right manner. The company should be able to provide you with the best quality chocolate. It would be pertinent to mention here that only the best chocolate company would be able to offer you with a wide variety of options. They should not be limited to one kind of manufacturing. The best chocolate manufacturing company would offer you a one-stop shop for all kinds of chocolate manufacturing needs. You do not have to tread from one company to another searching for the right one providing to your needs.

Searching for the right chocolate manufacturing company

You should be searching for the right chocolate manufacturing company near you. It would be pertinent to mention here that the right chocolate manufacturing company would be the one that would cater to your respective needs in the best manner possible. The company you intend to deal with should offer you suitable options. It may not be wrong to state that when searching for the right company, you would be spoilt for options. However, with plenty of options available online, you should look for Lamontagne. The company has been widely popular with the people across the US and Canadian region. The chocolates of the company are popular worldwide.

Lamontagne and its wide popularity with people

Lamontagne has been a popular name in the confectionary industry. It has been popular with small and big industries looking for specific chocolate manufacturing company. Lamontagne has a history of providing to the specific needs of the people for a significant length of time. You could gain comprehensive information about the company from their official website


Selecting the very best Commercial Fridge for the Coffee shop

For those who have a café, you may need a top quality commercial fridge. Although a lot of small cafes attempt to get by with domestic appliances since they’re cheaper, within the finish they discover that the cash they aspire to save continues to be wasted.

Inside a commercial kitchen is important to keep food in the correct low temperatures as well as in the right manner. To get this done, a domestic fridge isn’t appropriate. An industrial fridge may be the only appliance that may get the job done of storing food well inside a food service atmosphere.

Should you prefer a new fridge for the business, first identify a great supplier which has a solid history of coping with catering and food service customers. They ought to in addition have a good choice of different types of commercial refrigeration. For instance, cold freezers, a serve over-the-counter display fridge, larder fridges and freezers or chest freezers. Their email list of choices for commercial refrigeration is big, and also the best suppliers can provide you with a variety of models to select from.

Consider the character of the business and call your supplier for advice to be able to choose the best appliance. For instance, if your company is a café, you might need an ‘over the counter display fridge’ along with a patisserie so that you can display the meals for the customers. Or if you’re a restaurant, you’ll need appropriate fridges and freezers to keep all of the foods needed for any busy weekly service.

Opt for the area you’ve in your premises. It will likely be vital that you house appliances where they may be easily arrived at. Safety is another factor to consider. The very best suppliers can assist you in choosing the best model and choose a good option to set up it.

Remember, the suppliers of business refrigeration appliances are not only sales agents. They’re specialists within the food service industry and they’ll come with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the kinds of equipment a properly-run and busy commercial kitchen will require. They’ll know the easiest method to create your kitchen where your fridges and freezers ought to be located. They may also be in a position to advise and assist you with cleaning and maintenance of the commercial appliances.

With a decent supplier you’ll be able to source excellent equipment that will help you run your company well.

Commercial refrigeration is definitely an investment and really should be used seriously. So by selecting a trustworthy supplier you can rely on the products you purchase is going to be well-crafted, reliable and powerful. You’re also more prone to get a far greater roi, and good value, than you’d should you attempted to purchase second hands or domestic appliances.

Selecting a great fridge and freezer for the café or cafe isn’t difficult, you just need, care, planning which help in the right group of experts who comprehend the business and know what you ought to succeed.

Frost-Tech Limited is really a Commercial Refrigeration Company focusing on patisserie and multi-deck display fridge cabinets. It’s also proud is the sole suppliers of business refrigeration to leading global café chains, Coffee shop-Nero, Costa Coffee, Coffee1 and Wenzel’s the baker. The organization is really a respected specialist supplier of one’s efficient commercial refrigeration that has been manufactured towards the greatest standards and fully tested. The organization also provides a great delivery, unpacking and installation service for those its commercial refrigerators.

Among the popular companies offering cafe display freezer singapore, your best bet would be to search for the one that provides quality products at reasonable price. When you search the online realm, your best bet would be to hire the services of a reputed company.


Modern Dining Ideas for Busy People

The pace of modern living is such that maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge, and with so much convenience food available, it is easy to slip into an unhealthy eating routine, and of course, there will be consequences. Years ago, if a person wanted to eat ready cooked meals, they would be limited to a Chinese or Indian takeaway a few miles down the road, and a short trip there and back would see you with a nutritious meal that is ready to eat. Modern takeaways offer door to door delivery, and with an extensive menu and an easy to navigate website, it is easy to order delicious, home cooked food.

The Ultimate Convenience

One can literally dine at home on the finest cuisines of the world if you vary your choices. There is delicious Chinese delivery in Bristol, and with a range of other Asian cuisines in the area, you can really experiment and give your taste buds a treat. This service is not limited to your home, as you might fancy something exotic at lunchtime, and by ordering from your smartphone, it couldn’t be any easier. You might want to impress your partner by arranging to have food sent to a park where you happen to be, and with a bottle of chilled wine in the cooler, you can have a great afternoon in the sun.

Healthy Options

Takeaway food has come a long way since the early days, and is not in any way to be confused with fast food. The typical Chinese takeaway would be run by Chinese people, who only use the best ingredients, and the nutritional value of the food would be very high. There are so many healthy cuisines that there is something for everyone.


If you are sharing with 2 or 3 friends, and no one has the time for cooking, why not pool together your food budgets and order from takeaways? That way, you can enjoy great food daily, and here’s the great part, there’s no washing up! The cost would work out very reasonable, and you would all be eating nutritious and tasty food to order, and you are not tied to any particular schedule, you just order when you are hungry.

The Working Couple

They are both working all the hours they can to make the mortgage and car(s) payments, and neither feels like preparing food at the end of a long day, but with online food suppliers, you are only 30 minutes away from eating superb, home cooked food. You can, of course, alternate to include all of you and your partner’s favourites, and every now and then, you can try something new.

There are many ways to ensure busy person has a balanced diet, and takeaways offer an attractive package, with authentic food delivered right to your door.


Smoked Ribs

Alright so recently my landscaping business took off like you would not believe, ok, story time so I’ve been going to GoodeCo restaurants for quite some time I mean who can blame me these places are pretty awesome and god knows they’ve been around for a hot minute besides the fact that they’re basically a Houston staple. I digress though and my praise for GoodeCo can wait well like I was saying my company recently took off and I daresay it wasn’t just my amazing customer service. Once a year I like to do a big barbecue for my big clients and all of my employees you know have them show up and enjoy some good Texas barbecue so that my clients can meet the people that are taking care of their businesses and homes but also so that my clients can meet each other. Well as it turns out I didn’t know that the GoodeCo Company had delivery and catering and all sorts of other little neat things that they like to do. like I was saying this company has just made my a list they have I started ordering ribs from them so that I could serve at my barbecue not because I can’t make a delicious barbecue but because they can do it better and my clients deserve the best even when I’m hosting them a party.

Alright so the reason why I say that these guys do ribs better than a homegrown Texas man is because well they are simply better the dry rubs that they use on their ribs is beyond good. Their mesquite-smoked ribs are hand selected and hand seasoned pork ribs that are then cooked to a perfect Smokey-tender marvel of an eating experience anyone can tell you that these bad boys are what Texas barbecue tastes like. These are sold in slabs of 2 so that you can fulfill any appetite though personally for my company barbecue I usually I buy more than a few of their Texas size which comes with four racks of ribs.

Let me tell you this year was a smash hit the ribs made the entire barbecue better than I thought it could ever be a few people brought meats of their own we played some football, we did everything you would expect from a good barbecue. The part of it though was that one of my clients had brought a friend to the annual barbecue we started talking he really liked the way I ran my company and the more we talked the better we got along then like the sweet social lubricant that good food can be as soon as this man had a taste of GoodeCo ribs he started talking about how he wasn’t really happy with is old landscaping company because of all of this and that and in the end I ended up convincing him that he should give my company a try little did I know that this man was the owner of about 3 golf courses. Thanks GoodeCo your amazing Texas style barbecue ribs really came through this summer for me.

Featured Restaurant

Mexican Dessert Quality recipes – Tasty Desserts

Should you consider Mexican food, you probably consider tacos, burritos, and chips and salsa. Possibly you think about a awesome margarita, beer, or iced tea. However, are you able to consider what you ought to enjoy for dessert? Remarkably, you will find plenty of effective Mexican dessert quality quality quality recipes available! Probably the most used Mexican desserts may be the empanada. You mix butter, cream cheese, and flour to make a ball of dough. After refrigerating the dough overnight, you form it into “models” and supply a spoonful of fruit preserves to the middle of each one of these. Then, you bake them for roughly one 4th-hour. When they’re finished baking, roll them in cinnamon sugar. They’re tasty!

If you would like enchiladas, you will definitely such as the next Mexican dessert recipe. Apple enchiladas may be offered hot with vanilla frozen treats. To actually result in the enchiladas, fill tortillas with canned apple cake filling. Then you’ll produce a sauce across the stove, make from butter, whitened-colored sugar, brown sugar, and water. Pour the sauce within the enchiladas, and bake them within the oven for roughly 20 minutes. Then enjoy!

Flan could be a classic Mexican dessert that’s offered in several Mexican restaurants. Not everybody wants it, however, if it’s prepared properly, it may be excellent. One caveat right before making flan: you’ll need ramekins to bake the flans in, you will want them just before getting began! You’ll prepare sugar within the soup pot until it’s caramelized, then pour some into each ramekin. Then mix together several eggs, sugar, evaporated milk, and vanilla. Pour the custard mix towards the ramekins. Bake it within the water bath until an placed knife arrives clean, about forty-a couple of minutes. You’ll be able to be grateful warm or chilled.

Sopapillas become empanadas but they’re fried. You are making dough from flour, baking powder, salt, shortening, and water. Then you definitely certainly certainly in the dough into small balls and fry them in vegetable oil. Drain the sopapillas well, then sprinkle all of them honey and/or powdered sugar. See, Mexican dessert quality quality quality recipes remain every corner and simple!

If you would like margaritas, you’ll love Margarita Cake! The dessert could be a Bundt-style cake produced from orange cake mix, vanilla pudding, eggs, oil, water, freshly squashed fresh lemon juice, triple sec, and tequila. While your cake is baking, prepare the tasty glaze for the top! Mix confectioners’ sugar, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Pour the glaze crazy cake even though will still be warm.


The Very Best Recipe For Manhattan Clam Chowder

The very best Manhattan clam chowder may be the primary one created employing a minimalist recipe. Meaning more attention is founded on the traditional within the clams used. There is many versions nonetheless the very best Manhattan clam chowder uses freshly pureed clams and lots of seasoning like chicken or beef broth to enhance the tastes. This is often essentially the stock part of the Manhattan clam chowder.

Others from various areas now put it to use their unique with the aid of some vegetables towards the mix nonetheless the soup itself remains same. There is people adding meat like sausage bits in the start from the cooking process around hot sauce being added. The recipe remains spun plenty of occasions by different cultures that occurrences where choke it filled with let’s eat some let us eat some let’s eat some onions and celery together with a few parts of the south have handled to acquire a little similar to their famous gumbo. If someone would decide the very best Manhattan clam chowder, it might be the soup using fresh clams inside the sea with minimalist garnishing. Within the city like Manhattan where individuals convey a greater importance on food, this rule is just enforced in several fine dine restaurants.

This can be truly the essential recipe for Manhattan Clam Chowder. There’s a twist within the recipe that requires less water then when you have to do this your soup is thicker and it is known as Colonial Clam Chowder.

The recipe requires 1/4 cup minced let’s eat some let us eat some let’s eat some onions 14 oz. of minced or whole clams(drained) 2 cups diced taters 1 cup water 1/3 cup diced celery 1 can (16 oz.) tomato veggies, 2 teaspoon. salt 1/4 teaspoon. thyme and 1/8 teaspoon. pepper.

Having a large sauce pan, prepare sausage strips and onion just before the sausage is crisp and onion is tender. The stir within the liquid inside the minced clams, the taters, water, and celery. Prepare the chowder uncovered for ten mins or until taters are tender. Adding clams, tomato veggies, and seasonings. This recipe serves 5-6 people.

This uses less water and you don’t need to adding vegetables. Just one cup of milk is added for texture and thickness within the chowder.