Staying at a hotel can be an option to refresh your body and mind, but now there are many lodgings available. Starting from cheap to expensive prices, but when you pay cheaper, it doesn’t mean that the hotel has bad facilities. Likewise, when you pay a lot, it’s not necessarily a balanced facility.

There are so many cheap hotels in Singapore that can be your choice of course with facilities that can pamper you. However, there are some things to know, such as the type of lodging, because usually, people will mistake a hotel and a motel. Check out the differences below:

1. Lodging Facilities

The first difference between a hotel and a motel is in terms of facilities. Hotels usually provide complete facilities ranging from places to eat to, parking lots, swimming pools, and others. While the motel only provides a place to rest and a parking area only. Motels usually don’t have any restaurants that serve breakfast just like in a hotel.

2. Differences in Hotel and Motel

If you are looking from its design, hotels usually consist of two or more floors and have a larger size. Each room is in the building so guests have to pass through the reception when staying. It’s different with motels whose room doors usually face directly into the parking area. Therefore, residents can freely enter and exit the room without running into motel employees.

3. Lodging Locations Lodging

In the form of locations, hotels can be found around tourist areas or downtown. Its position is not always on the side of the road, but it can also be a bit into the alley. This is because the hotel offers convenience for its visitors to feel at home staying more than one night.

Meanwhile, motels are almost always located on the side of the road because they are targeted at visitors who need a night’s sleep or even less. Therefore, you can also find motels around mass transportation facilities such as airports, train stations, to ports.

4. Room Rental Prices per Night

The next difference between hotels and motels is the room rental price per night. You can offer hotel room prices with a fairly high range. Especially if the facilities are complete and you have managed to get a star hotel certification. In contrast to motels which usually have lower rental rates.

To choose the place to stay in, you have to be careful, don’t book directly just because the photos of the rooms are good. Just like when buying goods at online stores, you also have to look for reviews first.

There are many lodgings that you can choose from, sometimes the price does not match the facilities so you have to spend more time to find which hotel really has the facilities according to your criteria.

There are many things to consider when you want to choose a hotel. Because your comfort is at stake there. If you are constantly choosing a place to stay that is not proper, it would ruin your holiday time. There are some things to consider such as location, previous visitor reviews, facilities, prices and when you will book the hotel.

Hotels – hotels closest to the business center will usually experience a decrease in visits at the weekend. On the other hand, hotels that are close to tourist attractions will experience an increase in visits.

That time is the right time to stay at several hotels that are often used as places to stay for many business people. The hotel tends to be crowded on weekdays and tends to be empty on weekends.

If you feel observant, you can do your research first or ask the traveler community and also local residents who really know about the hotel that is often used as a place to stay for these business people.

Those are the differences between a hotel and hostel. Both of these lodgings are great, as long as they suit your preferences. However, if you want to experience something better, it would be so much better to choose a hotel than hostels. Don’t forget to book your room hotel only from Traveloka, because there will be so many types of hotels and range of prices you can choose, and also promo and deals!