Smoked Ribs

Alright so recently my landscaping business took off like you would not believe, ok, story time so I’ve been going to GoodeCo restaurants for quite some time I mean who can blame me these places are pretty awesome and god knows they’ve been around for a hot minute besides the fact that they’re basically a Houston staple. I digress though and my praise for GoodeCo can wait well like I was saying my company recently took off and I daresay it wasn’t just my amazing customer service. Once a year I like to do a big barbecue for my big clients and all of my employees you know have them show up and enjoy some good Texas barbecue so that my clients can meet the people that are taking care of their businesses and homes but also so that my clients can meet each other. Well as it turns out I didn’t know that the GoodeCo Company had delivery and catering and all sorts of other little neat things that they like to do.   like I was saying this company has just made my a list they have I started ordering ribs from them so that I could serve at my barbecue not because I can’t make a delicious barbecue but because they can do it better and my clients deserve the best even when I’m hosting them a party.

Alright so the reason why I say that these guys do ribs better than a homegrown Texas man is because well they are simply better the dry rubs that they use on their ribs is beyond good. Their mesquite-smoked ribs are hand selected and hand seasoned pork ribs that are then cooked to a perfect Smokey-tender marvel of an eating experience anyone can tell you that these bad boys are what Texas barbecue tastes like. These are sold in slabs of 2 so that you can fulfill any appetite though personally for my company barbecue I usually I buy more than a few of their Texas size which comes with four racks of ribs.

Let me tell you this year was a smash hit the ribs made the entire barbecue better than I thought it could ever be a few people brought meats of their own we played some football, we did everything you would expect from a good barbecue. The part of it though was that one of my clients had brought a friend to the annual barbecue we started talking he really liked the way I ran my company and the more we talked the better we got along then like the sweet social lubricant that good food can be as soon as this man had a taste of GoodeCo ribs he started talking about how he wasn’t really happy with is old landscaping company because of all of this and that and in the end I ended up convincing him that he should give my company a try little did I know that this man was the owner of about 3 golf courses. Thanks GoodeCo your amazing Texas style barbecue ribs really came through this summer for me.