Undoubtedly, many people, including Scottish, are head over heels for pizza. According to some estimates, over 14% of Scottish eat pizza every day. Plus, Statista shows that there are over 10k pizza outlets in Scotland, generating sales of more than €30 billion every year.

There are benefits of eating the same meals over and over, like budgeting and portion control. However, if you eat more than four slices of pizza daily, you could be ready for variety.

By knowing several tips for ordering the best pizza Aberdeen, you will go beyond the familiar and perhaps save money. Some of these tips include the following:

1. Choose a Good Pizza Outlet

You will come across different outlets for pizza, but not all of them will suit your preferences. To make it easier for you, think about your favourite toppings and make a decision based on that. You should consider other factors, like delivery fees attached, distance, and location.

Many pizza outlets have a limit and might be unwilling to deliver too far. They often use apps to know the distance from their joint to the customer’s ordering point. So the best thing to do is to look for the best outlets near you, and you will get various options, like Westside Pizza.

2. Consider the Toppings

Different pizza outlets have a set amount of meat and vegetable toppings. Additional changes will be made on request to eliminate or add certain meat items and vegetables according to an individual’s dietary restrictions.

The toppings might include jalapenos, bell peppers, olives, corn, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Protein may include meat items, such as the following:

  • Chicken sausages
  • Chicken meatballs
  • Chicken Tikka

3. Order a Large Pizza

If you are not fussy about toppings, consider ordering a large pizza rather than two small ones. As most pizza lovers put it, an 18’’ large pizza has a larger surface area when compared to two 12’’ small pieces. That means you will get more snack without spending a lot.

4. Give Tips for Delivery

You might want to leave a tip if you use delivery services, such as Uber Eats Pizza. In this case, drivers depend on tips to make a living. So it will be nice of you to leave something extra if possible.

The rule of thumb is to leave a tip of between 10% and 15% of the bill, but then again, you don’t have to. The same thing applies to DoorDash Pizza.

5. Be in Full Control

You should be able to update promos and menus on the fly. This is a vital feature, regardless of what kind of ordering provider you opt for.

Consider looking for a system with a master menu with store rules, modifiers, inventory, and pricing for multiple locations. Plus, every piece of information must be included in the menu, allowing you to make changes.

The Takeaway

The joy of eating pizza while binge-watching can’t be fathomed. The spicy vegetable toppings, chunky chicken pieces, creamy cheese, and crispy thin crust all make pizzas perfect snacks to crave. With varieties of pizzas available, it becomes challenging to order at times. This is why choosing the right pizza outlet and your favourite toppings is important to make the right decision.