Pizza has been there since time immemorial. Over time, various regions have come up with unique kinds of pizza. Whether it is New York-style or Chicago-style pizza, every region provides something special and unique in terms of texture and flavour. Whichever kind of style you prefer, the following are some of the common types and the best pizza Aberdeen you can try:

1. Veggie Pizza

If you are looking to jazz up cheese pizza with texture and colour, veggies will be a perfect topping; plus, the topping options are unlimited. Everything from onions and eggplant to mushrooms and peppers makes for tasty and exciting veggie pizza.

2. Grandma Pizza

This type of pizza exists, but we don’t mean the kind our grandmas make back home. The name of this type of pizza comes from the custom of preparing pizza without ovens. You just use herbs, tomato sauce, and cheese.

It often features thin crusts, which you may chop into small squares. This makes it rewarming easier than rewarming a deep-dish pizza.

3. Pepperoni

Regarding pizza topping, pepperoni always stands tall as the recurrent favourite, garnering accolades from different parts of the world.

From Naples to NYC, ruby-red slices of subtly spice sausages reign supreme in popularity. The appeal of pepperoni lies in its capability to elevate the pizza with its unique visual appeal, flavour, and texture.

As this pizza heats up in an oven, thin slices of pepperoni crisp and curl producing a tantalizing aroma. Its spiciness complements the melted and smooth cheese, while its smoky and rich taste improves the tanginess of tomato sauce.

4. Hawaiian Pizza

This type of pizza is known for its tomato sauce, cheese, and pineapple topping. Originating from Canada, Hawaiian pizza brings new flavours of pizza to life through its nutritious and delicious ingredients. This can mainly be bacon or ham. The sweet pineapple battles with salty ham, making Hawaiian pizza more delicious.

5. Margherita

This is probably one of the most classic pizzas. Originating in Italy, it is prepared with three simple ingredients. These include fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. Margherita’s simplicity makes it delicious, and remains a favourite among many pizza fanatics globally.

6. Peppy Paneer

There are varieties of pizzas for everyone who is into paneer. The major ingredients of toppings include sliced green olives, red pepper, green capsicum, and paneer cubes.

Paneer veggies melt in the mouth, giving you a good experience. And the sprinkle of the black peppers feels like the icing on the cake.

7. Paratha Pizza

For the health-conscious, this is a perfect pizza option. Often loaded with the nutrition of paratha and goodness of flavours, this is one of the best snacks one can ask for.

Paratha pizza also has enough capsicum, mozzarella cheese, onions, and other ingredients as the major toppings.

The Bottom Line

Pizza is among the most common dishes, not just in Scotland but also globally. Although there is regional variation when it comes to styles of pizza, they all share one common thing – sauce, cheese, and dough. But from there, you can choose toppings, including meat and veggies.