kodiak fish market

If you’ve heard of the Kodiak market and are wondering what makes it so popular, on the international stage, simply continue reading to discover five fascinating facts, that may surprise you about the Kodiak market.

Five Facts about the Kodiak Fish Market Most People Don’t Know: 

  1. Did you know that you can ship fish Alaskan fish to your doorstep?

If you love the taste of fresh seafood but can’t make it all the way to Alaska, in order to visit the Kodiak market in person, fear not! No matter where in the US, you can have a shipment of your favorite fresh fish, sent to your front door step, using FedEx’s premium overnight delivery service. That’s right regardless of whether you live in New York or Hawaii, you can receive a fresh shipment of halibut or salmon, within 24 hours of making an order.

  1. You can purchase a lot more, than just fish

Whilst you may be interested in ordering Ahi Tuna, Coho Salmon or Alaskan Sole, you can also order a variety of seafood products such as freshly caught Alaskan King Crab, Lobster Tails, Snow Crab and Dungeness Crab. So if you love experimenting in the kitchen, it’s well worth purchasing a specialty product such as a box of lobster tails and treating your friends and family members to a dinner party.

  1. All of the market’s stock is sustainably caught

If you’ve heard horror stories about how some regions of the world have pillaged their depleting supplies of fish and seafood, you may be pleased to read that all of the market’s stock is sustainably caught. In fact, all of the seafood and fish that you’ll get to enjoy, has been sourced from Alaska’s well managed seafood stocks. So you can enjoy your Lobster Tails, Halibut Cheeks and Cedar Grilling Planks, without feeling an ounce of guilt.

  1. The market is a family run business, which has been in operation since 1999

Whilst many markets have been brought out by international firms, the Kodiak market is proudly American owned and has been operated by the same family since it was founded way back in 1999. Better yet, the market creates dozens of jobs for the brave Kodiak fishermen who travel the length and breadth of the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea, in order to source the highest quality seafood products.

  1. The market has been proudly supplying major international grocery stores for over a decade

If you want to be sure that the market that you purchase seafood products from, is experienced at selecting the best possible fish, you can rest assured as the Kodiak market has been supplying both US and international grocery stores with fresh succulent fish, for over a decade. The fact, that international stores turn to a market all the way in Kodiak Alaska, is a testament to the quality of the market’s fish and seafood products.

So whether you ever get to visit the Kodiak market in person, or you have a shipment sent directly to your front doorstep, it’s well worth trying sustainably caught Kodiak fish and seafood at least once in your life!