Help is available if you’re putting on an event in Oxford and require an affordable form of catering with vast appeal. Opt for a hog roast Oxford and you’ll be able to feed a host of people for a modest fee. People have been cooking meat in this manner for centuries, and growing amounts of caterers are now adding hog roasts to their list of services in order to take advantage of the growing demand for them. These roasts are ideal for many occasions, including weddings, birthday parties and business meetings. You won’t usually have to pay “per-head” either, which means you won’t lose out too much if numbers don’t turn out to be quite what you were expecting.

hog roast

Build a great atmosphere

The sight of a spinning pig is a real ice breaker guaranteed to get people talking, whilst your meat-loving guests are bound to be enthralled by the delightful aromas drifting across the room whilst the pork is being cooked. Most caterers will also be able to provide things like finger buffets and salads. This means opting for a hog roast doesn’t have to mean alienating your vegetarian guests.

Build a great atmosphere

Get the right cuisine

If you’re not sure which catering company to book, why not ask for recommendations or look online to read reviews on trusted sites? It may be wise to book well in advance of your big event in order to secure the services of a leading company. You may even get the chance to operate the equipment yourself – this could be a good move if you’re overseeing a small gathering. Many roast caterers can also provide cuts of meats like ham, lamb and turkey, helping you cater for a variety of culinary preferences. The popularity of hog roasts is showing no signs of slowing down.