An Overview Of Types And Standards Of Foods

Providing the right kind of foods is essential for your dog to ensure it enjoys good health, remains happy and cheerful, and spend quality time with energetic activities. But, in reality, providing the right combination of all essential nutrients is a challenging job.

There are many theories in support of homemade foods and also in favour of formulated commercial foods. Homemade foods may be good or may not be good on a single issue; availability of most essential food ingredients all the time. Similarly, commercial foods may or may not be good on one count; guarantee for quality.

You must have observed that every year a large number of dog food companies are forced to fight legal battles on the issue of quality of products or law violation. On the other hand, there are many companies enjoys making good profits and increased reputations.

Your dog needs different types of foods on the basis of its stage of life, health conditions, and for any other specific reason. Therefore, providing right kind of foods that made in the home may not be ideal to meet required nutritional demands. But, commercial formula foods, manufactured by reputed companies can be the best choice for your pooch as all varieties of foods are available in the market and for online supply. There are companies who produce most popular dog foods for millions of satisfied customers for years.

Standards Of Foods

What are the types of dog food?

Basically, there are 3 types of dog foods those are commercially manufactured and are very popular.

  • Dry dog foods: These are biting sized nuggets or chunks with 6 to 10% moisture. They contain more carbohydrates. It is good for maintaining body weight and for the health of jaw and teeth. This type of food can be stored easily for months.
  • Semi-moist dog foods: Moisture content of this type of food is 25 to 35%. Semi-moist foods have a soft chewy texture and are ideal for dog treats. This type is a good filler and aids in weight loss. During hot and humid weather you need to store them in sealed packs.

Standards Of Foods2

  • Wet or canned dog foods: They contain 60 to 90% moisture by volume. These are ideal for rapid weight loss. These are best suited for dogs with chewing problems. However, for you may find it difficult to store and open these cans.

Being a sincere dog parent, you should consult your veterinarian for advice on the type of food that is the best for your trusted companion’s health and well beings.