Guide to choosing the best place to dine and hang out

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Guide to choosing the best place to dine and hang out

Many people who work nine-to-five office jobs would look forward to spending Friday nights or weekends merely hanging out with either family members or close friends. Gathering together to catch up as we get to enjoy good tasting food and a few rounds of cold beer at Restaurant & Bar Duluth will surely make our day complete. Should you decide to plan for a get-together, we would like to share with you a couple of friendly tips that that may come in handy.

  • Step #1: Decide on what kind of food would you guys like to eat. Some people would like burgers, fries, steak or pizza. Some want salads and vegetables. If you and the rest of your companions have different food choices, you might want to consider dining in a buffet style restaurant or a traditional family restaurant where they have a wide selection of dishes in their menu. Inquire if the restaurant offers specific promotions on individual food choices and check with your companions if they would like to avail them.
  • Step #2: Review the prices on the menu by visiting their website, or you can download an app in your cell phone where you can check the entire menu plus additional customer reviews as well. If you are planning to pitch in a certain amount to cover the final bill, it would be good advice to check out their menu in advance in an order setting the right expectations regarding how much will each person need to contribute. This won’t be necessary if only one or two persons have agreed to shoulder the entire bill.
  • Step #3: Make an advanced booking especially if the restaurant is quite popular and if you are planning to eat during Friday payday, weekends and holidays. There is a big possibility that the place would be full on certain days and they won’t be able to accommodate walk-in clients especially if they belong to a large group. You can call and make reservations at Restaurant & Bar Duluth at least three days in advance to make sure that the restaurant can accommodate your group. Be sure to be there 30 minutes ahead of your call time so that your slot won’t be given to the next waiting customer.
  • Step #4: Be mindful of the standard tipping procedures that are being practiced in the industry. Majority of the restaurants and bars would require customers to give a minimum 10-20% tip based on the total amount due. In general, tipping is not mandatory if you are dining in a buffet style restaurant because of the food and drinks are readily available for the customers to serve themselves.
  • Step #5: Check if the restaurants do have additional amenities such as a convenient and safe parking space, clean, comfortable rooms for men and women, high chair provisions for babies and a separate smoking area for its customers. The last part is not necessary, but just in case that we have a couple of people in the group who would like to take a quick cigarette break anytime they want; they certainly have the privilege to do so.

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